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About Us

DuPont Nutrition & Health combines in-depth knowledge of food and nutrition with current research and expert science to deliver unmatched value to the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industries.

We are innovative solvers, drawing on deep consumer insights and a broad product portfolio to help our customers turn challenges into high-value business opportunities.

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It's What's Inside that matters

Two loaves of bread may look identical, yet one tastes better, delivers more nutrients and stays fresh longer. It’s what’s inside that bread that makes the difference. The same is true of the companies you choose to partner with. Expertise, knowledge and passion may not be observable on the outside, but when you look inside DuPont Nutrition & Health, you will find the ingredients that drive innovation, bottom-line solutions and market success:


We are a world leader in applying market-driven science and innovation to solutions for the food, beverage and dietary supplement industries.


We know food. We know nutrition. We know the market. Together, we make innovation happen.

Solver Mindset

We are a community of solvers collaborating with customers to turn challenges into opportunities for competitive advantage.


We stay on top of evolving tastes and trends with primary consumer research and close customer collaboration.


We have a unique offering of food ingredients and customized services that no other company can match.

The Value We Deliver

Across the many food sectors where we apply our unique blend of capabilities, we focus on delivering benefits in three key areas:

Affordability & Convenience

Using bio-based materials and advanced science, we can help you meet consumer demand for nutritious foods that are affordable and convenient without sacrificing taste, texture or appearance. We also help reduce costs through alternative formulations, production efficiency improvements and minimal supply chain losses.


Health & Wellness

We can work with you to develop nutritious foods, beverages and dietary supplements that actively promote good health. We use our knowledge and ingredients to address needs across multiple consumer segments and deliver benefits in weight and diabetes management, sports performance and muscle health, digestive health, immune health, cardiovascular health, bone health and oral health.


Food Protection

We help you to reduce waste and improve food safety by maintaining freshness & quality for the targeted shelf life.