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Cereals & Europe Spring Meeting 2015

DuPont Nutrition & Health will be present at the Cereals & Europe Spring Meeting 2015. Don’t miss our presentations:

  • 27 April, 4pm
    Instrumentally determined ‘sensory moistness’ in yeast-raised toast bread
    Helle Wium, Ph.D. Senior Application Scientist, DuPont Nutrition & Health

  • 28 April, 10:45am
    Xylanase and amylose solution for high quality whole meal bread
    René Mikkelsen, Ph.D. Senior Scientist, DuPont Nutrition & Health

  • 29 April, 9am
    Influence of gluten/starch ratio and baking improving ingredients on dough and bread functionality
    Eva Hansen, Assistant Application Specialist, DuPont Nutrition & Health

Please click here for further information about the C&E Spring Meeting.

We hope to see you there.