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Is Your Protein Strategy Working? Webinar 2015

Protein-fortified foods and beverages are popular in today’s market. Consumers of all ages are looking to incorporate more protein into their diets. However, formulation of high-protein foods and beverages is no easy task — cost, performance and nutrition all are important considerations when choosing protein ingredients.

Experts from DuPont Nutrition & Health will discuss how to define an effective protein strategy that delivers against consumer needs while meeting cost, sensory and nutrition targets. By attending this webinar, you will learn about formulation strategies that can be applied to achieve better flavor profiles, cost structures and market positioning.

Attendees will learn:

  • The current protein landscape,  its complexities and tradeoffs.
  • Sensory challenges in protein formulation and how to optimize for flavor and functionality.
  • The latest nutrition science research and its implications for product positioning.
  • How to protect and grow your profitability by minimizing price volatility and supply risks associated with commodity proteins.

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