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DuPont Nutrition & Health will be present at PREPROSIM.

June 16, Tuesday

SYMPOSIUM: Classical Prebiotics and Ultramodern Ones
14h30 – 16h00 – Room Turquesa 1
Chairman: Gabriel Vinderola / Secretary: Christiane Bergamasco

a)    Prebiotic: Recalling Definition, Features & Mechanisms of Action - Maria Cecília Campos Canesso

b)    FOS, Galactoligossacaryde: Differences and Benefits – Kelly Anne Tappenden

c)    What is The Optimal Dose of Prebiotics on Symbiotics? - Arthur Ouwehand

d)    New Prebiotics for New Products - Ary Bucione

TALK SHOW: Knowing Is Fundamental
17h00 – 18h15 – Room Turquesa 1
Moderator: Maricê Nogueira de Oliveira / Secretary: Daniel Granato

a)    What is the Best Use: A single Probiotic or Combination of Various? - Jean Guy LeBlanc

b)     What Prebiotic Use: FOS, GOS, or insulin and at what dose? - Kelly Tappeden

c)    What is the Recommended Dose of Probiotics? The more giving is Best? - Arthur Ouwehand

d)    What is the Best Time to Take a Probiotic? Pre and Postprandial?  - Ricardo Barbutti

e)    What's the Best Vehicle for Giving Probiotics: powder, capsule, dragee? - Gabriel Vinderola

f)    Probiotics in Yogurt Has Same Effect that Diluted on Water? - Adriano Cruz

g)    Probiotics Survives in Hot Tea?  - Gabriel Vinderola

June 17, Wednesday
Regulatory Issues : PreProSim in Public Health and Nutrition Recommendations
Coordinator: Franco Lajolo / Secretary: Maricê Nogueira

10h30 – 12h00 - ROOM: TURQUESA 1
Introduction and Context: Scientific Basis of Functional Claims and Health of Probiotics and Their Evaluation - Franco Lajolo

a)    Characteristics, Use and Meaning of the Term Probiotic - Consensus ISAPP (Intern Scient. Assoc. Pre/Probiotics) - Franco Lajolo

b)    Allegations Relating to Intestinal Function and Immune Function – Arthur Ouwehand

c)    Identification and Validation of Biomarkers: Is It Possible? - Aderson Damião

d)    Regulation About Probiotics in AL -  Ricardo Weill


INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE: Modulation of Microbiota by Probiotics: ''In Vitro'' Simulation and the Relation with Clinical Studies
15h30 – 16h00 – Room Turquesa 1
Chairman: Ary Bucione
Speaker: Arthur Owehand

PreProSim Highlights: Healthy Microbiota, Healthy Life
17h00 – 18h30 – Room Turquesa 1
Chairmen: Dan L. Waitzberg and Maricê Nogueira de Oliveira / Secretary: Natália Paulino

a) Probiotics - Philippe Langella

b) Clinical Studies in PreProSim - Arthur Ouwehand

c) Infant - Olivier Goulet

d) Pediatric – Sanja Kolacek

e) Gastro - Remy Meier

f) Critical Patient - Gail Cresci

g) New Products - Koen Venema

h) Prebiotics - Kelly Tappenden

i) Healthy Microbiota, Healthy Life - Joel Dore

More info at www.preprosim.com.br