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Expo Óleos & Gorduras

DuPont Nutrition & Health is delighted to be a gold sponsor of the Oils & Fats Congress in Brazil – The first edition of this international conference and trade show focusing on Vegetable Oils & Fats in Brazil will be held in Campinas and it will be part of other the conceptual tradeshow FIAI - International Trade Show of the Agro Industries.

The 2-day congress will examine a range of topics including Oils & Fats market, trends, technologies and others interesting subject for this industry.

For further information visit the website

Presentation: Wednesday April 13th, 16:30
Come listen to the opportunities of Natural Protection against oxidation for the Oils & Fats producer market. Attendees will learn about natural possibilities to address market needs and market trends.

Presentation: Natural Protection for Oils & Fats - Why has it become an opportunity for the producer market?
Speaker:André Bannwart, DuPont Nutrition & Health Technical Manager of Oils & Fats for South America