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FDI Annual World Dental Congress

DuPont will present the new findings on 9 September in Pavilion 15, level 0, hall 0.F.

The 104th FDI Annual World Dental Congress will take place in Poznań, Poland, on 7-10 September 2016. The event provides a scientific programme, a trade exhibition and an international forum for the review and discussion of the advancement of oral health, oral health care and all other subjects which will advance the objectives of the World Dental Federation. It provides an opportunity for the strengthening of relations between the dental organizations, professionals and countries of the world.

M.Sc. Krista Salli, Scientist at DuPont Nutrition & Health will be presenting: In vitro evaluation of mint products on Streptococcus mutans colonisation. This discussion will look at latest research using a simulator model to evaluate the effect of commercial sucrose and xylitol mint products on S. mutans quantities.

Xylitol is a specialty sweetener branded as XIVIA® under the DuPont™ Danisco® ingredients range. XIVIA® is widely approved and extensively used in chewing gum, confectionery, oral hygiene and pharmaceutical products. The unique dental benefits of XIVIA®, backed by strong science and clinical trials, have led to recommendations by numerous dental associations around the world and it’s recognised by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to play an active role in reducing dental plaque.

For more information about the FDI Congress, click here.