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Food Vision 2016

DuPont are proud to return as gold sponsors of Food Vision 2016 – the leadership forum for the global food and nutrition industry. DuPont will discuss new ideas and push innovation at Food Vision 2016.  A spotlight will be the ‘Do They Get it?” panel debate featuring Dr. Greg Paul, Global Director, Consumer Insights. In a market where one size no longer fits all, how can the industry help consumers to understand and plan for their nutritional needs at every stage of life? And where does responsibility for consumer education most safely rest? With governments and NGO’s or with marketers within the food industry itself?

This year will not only offer a workout for your brain cells, but also an opportunity to test your fitness and strength with the DuPont Sub Zero Challenge with ex-S.A.S., trainer, presenter and adventurer Rob Edmond.  And if that’s not enough there is also a Fun Run with Rob.

Join us at 7:15 on Thursday 3 March for an easy 3 km run along the boulevard de la Croisette followed by a recovery session and breakfast where Rob will continue his coaching and serve you tips and tools to take your fitness to the next level.

Find out more about Rob Edmonds Sub Zero Challenges.

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