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IDF Dairy Science & Technology Symposia 2016

For the first time, the International Dairy Federation (IDF) through its Irish National Committee as host brings together two events in one location – The International Cheese Ripening and Technology Symposium alongside The International Symposium on Spray Dried Dairy Products.

The 2016 parallel symposia will address opportunities in emerging markets, projected global nutritional needs, sustainable innovative solutions and how ingredients may be adapted to impart biological functions in subsequent food formulations.  DuPont experts will participate through presenting a series of posters:

  • Combined use of Lactococcus lactis diacetylactis and Lactobacillus helveticus in White (Feta) style cheese
  • Optimising the use of Lactobacillus helveticus adjuncts in Cheddar cheese manufacture – adjusting the acidification profile and establishing addition levels necessary for effective activity vs. bitterness
  • Reduction of ammonia content in Whey by Intelligent Cheese Culture construction
  • Synergistic effects between HOLDBAC® cultures and propionic acid bacteria observed in large eyed cheese

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