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The Great Indian Ice Cream Contest, Season 5

Season after season, we challenged your creativity and stretched your capability.

In 2016, pit yourself against others with your best scoop ideas in this coolest pan-India contest held in partnership with the Indian Dairy Association (IDA).

The Great Indian Ice Cream Contest Season 5 ‘Best In Class’ winners

  1. Standard Vanilla Ice Cream – Creambell
  2. Standard Vanilla Frozen Dessert – Gloria Ice Cream
  3. Best Chocolate Ice Cream – Ideal Ice Cream
  4. Best Chocolate Frozen Dessert – Uday Food Industries
  5. Most Innovative Ice Cream – Havmor
  6. Most Innovative Frozen Dessert – Glacier Ice Cream
  7. Kool Kids Ice Cream – Havmor
  8. Kool Kids Frozen Dessert – Heritage Foods

Click here to find the complete list of winners.