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DuPont is proud to be a platinum partner of Food Vision Asia 2017 – the leadership forum for Asia’s food and nutrition industry – where this year, focus on innovation and responsible nutrition are at the top of its agenda.  

With escalating diabetes and obesity rates in Asia, we look at how the food industry can take a collaborative approach against this uphill task and battle against metabolic related diseases. DuPont representatives will discuss opportunities and debate on notions relating to key food and nutrition issues that impact emerging markets.  

Cyndy Au, regulatory affairs director, DuPont Nutrition & Health will host a roundtable discussion as we look into the future of foods. What does it take for industry partners to accelerate innovation, bringing it to greater heights and potentially changing the way we feed the world?  

We also take a spotlight on the latest science on probiotics and the elderly as we witness Asia’s aging population on track to become one of the world’s oldest in the next few decades. Join DuPont at Food Vision Asia and together, we look at how we can together address some of the pressing challenges that shape how Asia will evolve.

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