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FoodReview Indonesia Bakery Seminar

DuPont Nutrition & Health will be presenting at the FoodReview Indonesia bakery seminar. The key theme for this seminar – Designing Quality Bakery Products focuses on baking technology in the Southeast Asia region and is highly relevant for industrial bakers who wish to learn more about the latest baking trends and technologies.

Discover what’s inside DuPont Nutrition & Health. Our dedicated bakery experts Mr. Sunil Nair, senior application specialist and Ms. Xue Si-Ying, innovation lead will be sharing up-to-date bakery science and fresh thinking ideas to help you raise quality, maintain freshness, and develop new healthier options for consumers. 


“Overcoming Challenges: Pivotal Roles of Functional Ingredients in Biscuits” by Mr. Sunil Nair, senior application specialist

“Enzyme Technology Leading to Improved Bakery Performance” by Ms. Xue Si-Ying, innovation lead, ASEAN

We hope to see you there.

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