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Japan Institute of Bakery technical seminar

DuPont Nutrition & Health will be presenting at the Japan Institute of Bakery (JIB) technical seminar. The objective of the JIB seminar is to provide valuable information for further development of the bakery industry in Japan. 

Mr. Karsten M. Kragh is the senior staff scientist who leads in the development of the newly approved amylase. Together with our dedicated bakery experts, they will share the story behind the development of G4-amylase. There will also be a presentation on the latest bakery trends in Asia and a showcase of delicious baked goods by our bakery team. Join us in this seminar and discover what’s inside DuPont Nutrition & Health.


- “The newly approved enzyme – G4-amylase” Mr. Karsten M. Kragh, senior staff scientist

- “The effect of G4 amylase for Japanese bakery product” Mr. Kazuyuki Tsukahara, application scientist, Innovation

- “The latest trend of Asian Bakery industry” Ms. Lee Lai See, regional business director 

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We hope to see you there!