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Navigating a Changing Protein Landscape

The high-protein beverage category is growing, attracting new consumers, targeting new benefits and testing the boundaries of new proteins in the marketplace. In today’s marketplace, brand owners are challenged to innovate faster, drive differentiation and satisfy more nutritionally savvy, taste-driven consumers. With a growing array of protein choices, focusing on what matters to consumers is the most important job you have.  

Drawing from insights gathered from a proprietary global consumer study on protein attitudes and perceptions, combined with real world, proven formulation approaches that drive flavor preferences and cost improvement, our experts will address:  

  • The trends and challenges shaping opportunities in the high-protein beverage category today
  • How consumer perception of different protein sources should inform protein choice and positioning
  • Matching protein choice to desired formulation outcomes
  • How a “protein strategy” can drive profitable and successful brand growth

Presentation/Speaker Info:

Jean Heggie - Global Product Marketing Leader/Protein, DuPont Nutrition & Health

David Sabbagh - Senior Group Manager/Innovation, DuPont Nutrition & Health

Ken Donaven - Business Director, The Martec Group

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