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Shelf life extension

At DuPont, we offer a number of solutions for successful shelf-life extension.

One of them is our Nisaplin® Natural Antimicrobial, which ensures the microbial stability of emulsified meat products with an increased water content.

Improved oxidation resistance is another possibility provided by our natural rosemary and green tea extracts. Restructured fish products, for example, gain a longer shelf life with colour stability and no undesirable off-taste. Other antioxidants in our range can also delay oxidation in oil and fat-based products, such as spreads and margarines.

In still drinks and juices, yeast and mold development can be swiftly countered using Natamax™ Natural Antimicrobial. An efficient way to keep spoilage at bay.

Find specific cost-saving opportunities in shelf life extension for your products by using our cost optimization solutions finder.