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Natural Extracts

GUARDIAN™ Natural Extracts are a selected range of plant extracts with a history of safe use as food flavorings and known for their antioxidative functionality as a secondary effect. Of these, rosemary extract is among the most widely used in modern food products in the West, while green tea extract is well known in Asian food. Today research focuses on other plants and fruits that are part of our modern diet.

Our extracts are widely used as flavor agents with antioxidative properties in oils, fats and food emulsions. Although their antimicrobial effect is limited, their use in combination with other known natural food protectants has been proven to produce a synergistic effect when controlling the growth of unwanted microorganisms.

The extracts are obtained by food-grade liquid extraction and standardized as water-soluble or oil-soluble liquid or powder with defined strengths and flavor levels.

Efficient antioxidants enhance sensory qualities

GUARDIAN™ Natural Extracts contribute to protecting food shelf life and provide the following additional benefits:

  • Maintain intrinsic sensory qualities during shelf life
  • Allow consumer-friendly, natural labeling
  • Improve production flexibility in a complex supply chain
  • Reduce quality complaints, claims and product returns during product shelf life, improving brand image and cutting costs



Main applications

GUARDIAN™ Tocopherols & Natural Extracts

Flavoring and Antioxidants

Baked goods, oils, fats and spreads, culinary products, meat and fish products, RTE meals, non-alcoholic beverages


Flavoring and Synergistic Antioxidant

Mayonnaise, dressings, oils, fats and spreads

Natural flavor status

In EU, the definition of natural flavoring substances, as stated in Council Directive 88/388/EEC, applies to Guardian Rosemary and Green Tea Extracts when used as flavorings, and they can be used in all food applications, unless regulations restrict the use of flavorings in specific foods.

Guardian Tocopherol complies with the EU specification for E306 (Directive 1996/77/EC), and is generally permitted for use in foods in compliance with Directive 1995/2/EC.

In the United States rosemary extract and chamomile extract are approved as GRAS for use in foods under 21 CFR 182.20 and may be labeled “natural flavoring”.

Typical usage levels for rosemary extract are 500-2000ppm in foods. Green tea extract dosage level is limited to 500 ppm in foods.  Tocopherol may be used in accordance with good manufacturing practice.

Good manufacturing practices are a pre-requisite for the use of Care4U™ natural food protection solutions. Food labeling legislation varies between countries. Always be sure to check the current legal situation with the appropriate local authorities, or contact DuPont Nutrition & Health.

Did you know?

Like animals, plants and algae have developed a unique ability to protect themselves from bacteria, viruses and molds through the production of specific metabolites, which then become present in their cells and surrounding fluids. Humans recognized this interesting ability long ago and have since made use of plants and their extracts to protect food, giving it an appealing taste, smell or color.