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Australia/New Zealand

Food Standards Australia New Zealand

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) is an independent statutory agency established by the Food Standards Australia New Zealand Act 1991.

Working within an integrated food regulatory system involving the governments of Australia and the New Zealand Government, FSANZ sets food standards for both countries. Their ultimate goal is to protect, in collaboration with others, the health and safety of people in Australia and New Zealand through the maintenance of a safe food supply and well-informed consumers.

FSANZ develops food standards, based on risk analysis using the best available scientific evidence, and joint codes of practice with industry, covering the content and labeling of food sold in Australia and New Zealand. In addition, FSANZ develops Australia-only food standards that address food safety issues and undertakes a range of other functions in Australia, such as national coordination of food surveillance and food recall systems, providing food handling advice to consumers, conducting research and supporting the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) in the control of imported foods. Although FSANZ develops the food standards, responsibility for enforcing and policing food standards rests with the States and Territories in Australia and the New Zealand government in New Zealand.

All foods sold in Australia must comply with a range of laws designed to protect public health and safety, to ensure plant and animal pests and diseases are not introduced, and to assist consumers. These laws apply equally to imported and locally produced foods. However, food imported into Australia must first comply with quarantine and imported food requirements and then with food safety requirements. Import clearance of foods is the responsibility of AQIS and is coordinated under the Imported Food Inspection Scheme (IFIS). While the focus of the IFIS is on food safety, imported foods must comply with all requirements of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (the Code).

ANZ regulations on food substances

Substances intentionally added to foods are generally regulated under Part 1.3 of the Code and for novel foods and novel food ingredients, under Part 1.5. DuPont™ Danisco® products typically are cleared for use as food additives under Part 1.3.1 or as processing aids under Part 1.3.3.