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Scientific network

Our scientists are in close contact with scientific institutions worldwide - giving us insight into new scientific trends and facilitating an active, meaningful dialogue between the food industry and academia.
This dialogue often results in active partnerships and external collaborations, allowing us to incorporate the latest scientific findings in new products and technologies.

PathogenCombat for safe food

“PanEuropean alliance to fight food-borne pathogens” is the motto of the European project PathogenCombat.

DuPont is one of the active partners who is so to speak in the front line to help to win this battle. Together with 43 partners from Europe and Australia, a number of advanced platforms will be developed to investigate the survival and virulence expression of pathogens in feed and food, and on contact surfaces in the food chain including the intestinal tract of farm animals. Emerging food-borne bacteria, yeast, filamentous fungi and viruses are targeted for milk and dairy products, ruminants, poultry and pigs and their meat products.

PathogenCombat is an integrated project under the EU 6th Framework Programme. The project started 1st of April 2005 and will run til April 2010.


NAFISPACK (Natural Antimicrobials for Innovative and Safe Packaging ) is a three-year European project under the EU 7th framework.

DuPont together with 16 partners from Scandinavia, Spain, Italy and Germany are developing packaging technologies that will avoid or reduce and detect the growth of pathogens and spoilage microorganisms.