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Fiber enrichment

Nutritionists report that the average diet contains less than half the recommended fiber intake of 25 grams/day.

Consumers know the importance of fiber for their health. They also know they don’t consume enough of it. As well as increasing time constraint which has led to consumption of more processed foods which tend to be low in fiber, another reason for insufficient fiber intake may be that the use of some dietary fibers can affect the taste and texture of foods.

DuPont Nutrition & Health has developed a dedicated ingredient portfolio that helps increase the fiber content of food and beverage products without compromising taste or mouthfeel.

This includes the Litesse® family of products: a unique fiber that will help significantly enhance the nutritional profile of your product. It is extremely well tolerated by consumers, contains only 1kcal/g and has a wide range of applications.

To help you incorporate our dietary fiber ingredients cost-effectively into your products, why not talk to our dedicated and experienced Industry Application team? We will also provide you with regulatory and marketing support to ensure product launch success.