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Improving lipid profile

While consumers may not be familiar with the concept of a well - balanced lipid profile, they are increasingly aware that avoiding foods with trans fatty acids is essential for good cardiovascular health.

Gram for gram, the intake of trans fatty acids (compared with saturated fatty acids) is associated with a 10-fold higher risk of developing a heart disease. Therefore customers are actively seeking out products with low trans fatty acids content. 

To facilitate the removal of unhealthy fats in food processing, DuPont Nutrition & Health has developed the GRINDSTED® CRYSTALLIZER product range. This is designed to optimize the performance of foods, which are marketed as containing healthier fats and oils.

We have a dedicated Industry Application team, with the expertise and track record to help you incorporate our health-promoting ingredients cost-effectively into your products. We will also provide you with regulatory and marketing support to ensure product launch success.