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Immune health

With the growing trend favoring prevention over treatment, there is strong consumer demand for food, beverage and healthcare products that support immune health.

At DuPont, we offer solutions to help consumers maintain a healthy immune system that can deal with the challenges their bodies face everyday and support their general well-being.

The microenvironment inside your body

We all rely on the complex defences of our immune systems to ward off infectious bacteria, viruses, parasites, tumor cells and non-infectious agents.

A healthy immune system – which includes enzymes in our saliva and tears, mucus and important gut microbiota – is also essential to everyday health and sense of well-being.

After many years of research, we have identified specific strains that demonstrate positive effects on immune health. Products developed from these strains are no longer restricted to dairy applications and yogurt, but can be added to many foods, beverages, dietary supplements and healthcare products. Specific formulations are optimized for the elderly and very young. Others are suited to the general population.

Health promoting ingredients with physiological benefits

  • HOWARU® Premium Probiotics
    - Maintenance of a strong immune system
    - Positive study on cold and flu symptoms and incidence
    - Positive study on allergy such as eczema

Immune health brochure

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