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Sports Nutrition

These active consumers are increasingly aware of how nutritional products can help them to achieve their goals.

Our expertise is to formulate foods and beverages with ingredients that can help consumers achieve their health and performance goals. These ingredients support the needs of Personal Record Performers; from supporting muscle health and helping to improve athletic performance to promoting satiety and immune health.  We also offer ingredients that help manufacturers reduce the sugar, fat and calorie content of a wide range of foods without compromising taste or making them less filling. 

Health promoting ingredients with physiological benefits       
SUPRO® Soy Protein - aids in the recovery and helps build lean muscle mass as part of a resistance training program.  In addition, soy protein supports satiety and maintenance of lean body mass during weight and fat loss.

BetaPower™ Natural Betaine
- hydrates and supports physical and active performance, especially strength, power, and muscle endurance.

Litesse® - supports digestive health, satiety, without negatively affecting taste, and replaces sugar.

HOWARU™ - supports overall health and wellbeing by support immune system and digestive health.

XIVIA™ - sugar reduction, calorie reduction, GI lowering.

Lactitol - sugar reduction, calorie reduction, GI lowering

Fructofin® Fructose reduces the glycemic index in foods which can support normal blood sugar levels when consumed.