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The shift within sports nutrition and weight management

There has been a continual shift within sports nutrition and weight management consumer segments.  Today, extreme athletes represent only a small portion of the ever-broadening sports nutrition market, while healthy living individuals range from highly active fitness enthusiasts to the clinically obese. In spite of the converging markets, distinct segments of consumers still exist.

  • Personal Record Performers - athletically active performers, primarily interested in foods that help them beat their best performance.
  • Enlightened Actives - informed, healthy consumers who strive for even better fitness by eating healthy food that support their active lifestyle.
  • Motivated Strugglers - confused consumers who know they need to lose weight but struggle to do so. Time, knowledge, and commitment are some of the roadblocks that distract them from improving their health and wellbeing.

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Our expertise is to formulate foods and beverages with ingredients that can help consumers achieve their health and performance goals. These ingredients support the needs of Personal Record Performers, Enlightened Actives, and Motivated Strugglers; from supporting muscle health and helping to improve athletic performance to promoting satiety and immune health.  We also offer ingredients that help manufacturers reduce the sugar, fat and calorie content of a wide range of foods without compromising taste or making them less filling. 

Health promoting ingredients with physiological benefits       
SUPRO® Soy Protein - aids in the recovery and helps build lean muscle mass as part of a resistance training program.  In addition, soy protein supports satiety and maintenance of lean body mass during weight and fat loss.

BetaPower™ Natural Betaine
- hydrates and supports physical and active performance, especially strength, power, and muscle endurance.

Litesse® - supports digestive health, satiety, without negatively affecting taste, and replaces sugar.

HOWARU™ - supports overall health and wellbeing by support immune system and digestive health.

XIVIA™ Xylitol/Lactitol - reduce sugar to help with caloric intake.

Fructofin® Fructose reduces the glycemic index in foods which can support normal blood sugar levels when consumed.

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