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Weight management

Recent studies show that two out of three men and half of all women in the US are either overweight or obese. Globally the picture is no better, with an extraordinary 1.2 billion people overweight – including 250 million who are clinically obese. Their weight makes them more vulnerable to developing other health problems, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and cardiovascular disease – and makes demands on healthcare resources that are already stretched.

Our expertise is to formulate ingredients that can help consumers to manage their calorie intake sensibly. These ingredients reduce the sugar, fat and calorie content of a wide range of foods without compromising taste or making them less filling.

Research shows, as you would expect, that low calorie foods must be tasty and satisfying to form part of a sustainable weight management program. This is a key element of the value DuPont can add to healthy food production.

Ingredients enabling improved nutritional profiles

  • GRINDSTED® Hydrocolloids - fat reduction, sugar reduction, calorie reduction, GI lowering
  • GRINDSTED® Emulsifiers - fat reduction, calorie reduction
  • PANODAN® - fat reduction, calorie reduction
  • DIMODAN® - fat reduction, calorie reduction
  • CREMODAN® IcePro - fat reduction in ice cream
  • Fructofin® Fructose - sugar reduction, calorie reduction, GI lowering
  • Lactitol - sugar reduction, calorie reduction, GI lowering
  • XIVIA™ - sugar reduction, calorie reduction, GI lowering
  • Litesse® polydextrose - fat reduction, sugar reduction, calorie reduction, GI lowering, fiber/satiety
  • FIBRIM® soy fiber - conveys health benefits associated with both soluble and insoluble fiber, increased satiety, less weight gain, supports weight loss, digestive health
  • SUPRO® soy protein - promotes fat loss, preserves lean body mass, induces satiety, heart healthy

Sports Nutrition & Weight management infographic

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