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Food industry innovation

At DuPont Nutrition & Health, collaboration with our customers and strategic partners is key to innovation. We bring unmatched food and nutrition science, knowledge, insights, and solver mindsets, along with a huge portfolio of solutions, to every relationship.

We also encourage the next generation of innovators through our Knowledge Award program, where university students compete to win the prize for innovative new food products. In addition to strengthening our ties with academia, this program serves as inspiration for our own work.

To read more about DuPont Nutrition & Health innovation, follow these links:

Dr. Andrew Morgan, Chief Scientist, Technology & Innovation.

"I help to create a pipeline of opportunities to deliver future science-based innovations that support DuPont in solving some of the world's greatest food and nutrition challenges. I am very proud of the science capabilities we have assembled over the years which are now at the heart of our world-leading company. I am what's inside."