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Innovation in Health & Nutrition

Probiotics in genomic study

A study of bacterial and human genomics is now complete. A highlight of our ongoing probiotic research, the study has characterized differences in the response of human cells when exposed to probiotic or pathogenic strains.

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Global definition of dietary fibre

A DuPont team has worked with a number of interest groups to secure a globally accepted definition of dietary fiber. These efforts have now contributed to the adoption of a physiology-based definition of dietary fiber in European legislation and by the Codex Alimentarius Committee under the World Health Organization. This opens new opportunities for our specialty carbohydrate Litesse®.

Unique dental claim

Xylitol has a strong future ahead as the only polyol currently recognized by the European Food Safety Authority for its unique dental benefits. EFSA has declared a positive opinion of the Article 14 claim “100% xylitol chewing gum reduces the risk of plaque in children.”

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