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Innovation in Taste & Texture

Stabilisers satisfy cream trend

Our new line of stabilisers, the GRINDSTED® WPB Series, responds to the growing demand in South America for reduced-fat UHT dairy cream with improved viscosity. Suitable for light or standard dairy cream products, the stabilisers offer several cost-saving process advantages, including easy flow and higher filling temperatures.

Powerful emulsifier for spreads and chocolate

New GRINDSTED® PGPR Super is a versatile emulsifier for stable low-fat spreads and smooth-flowing chocolate. Production at our plant in Brazil ensures South American customers fast deliveries with no import taxes. Read more about GRINDSTED® PGPR.

High-performance Xanthan gum

Patented technology lies behind our new GRINDSTED® Xanthan, which delivers an industrial breakthrough in the form of consistent high performance at a low dose.

Opportunities for new quark desserts

Eastern markets gained new opportunities to turn traditional quark into new value-added desserts with the launch our GRINDSTED® PF 500 Creamline Stabiliser Systems. Suitable for hot filling, the range makes it possible to achieve a diversity of gelled, semi-gelled and creamy textures.

CRISPR technology in yogurt

New freeze-dried cultures with a natural resistance to known bacteriophages will soon be added to our range of yogurt cultures and cheese acidifiers. Based on our patented CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) technology, the cultures secure consistent, stable processing.

Cultures with improved viability

Further developments in our encapsulation technology have made it possible to improve the viability of food cultures at intermediate moisture levels and elevated temperatures.

Read more about DuPont™ Danisco® cultures