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Affordability & Convenience
Using bio-based materials and advanced science, we help you reduce sugar, salt and fat while increasing protein and fiber in your products  without sacrificing taste, texture or appearance. We can also help you reduce formulation costs and improve production efficiency.

Health & Wellness
We help  you develop nutritious products that actively promote good health and deliver consumer benefits in weight and diabetes management, sports performance, digestive health, and more.

Food Protection
We help you reduce waste and improve food safety by extending freshness, inhibiting spoilage organisms and minimizing the risk of pathogens.

Sustainable Solutions
We support innovation with continuous process improvements to increase efficiency, drive down costs, and reduce water and energy consumption and emissions.

Daokuan Zhang, Application Specialist, Sales & Application Food Ingredients, Innovation.

"I work closely with our customers to find unique solutions to their challenges and further develop their products. I my team, we proactively identify trends, apply our technical know-how and help solve some of the world's food and nutrition challenges. My team is like a family. I am what's inside."