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Our innovation capabilities

We are a world leader in  applying market-driven science to innovative solutions for food, beverages and supplements.


We know food. We know nutrition. We know the market. Together, we make innovation happen.

We stay on top of evolving tastes and trends with primary consumer research and close customer relationships.

Solver Mindset
We are a community of solvers,  collaborating with customers to turn challenges into opportunities for competitive advantage.

We offer a unique blend of food ingredients, diagnostics and customized services that no other company can match.

Hanne Thorsøe, Group Manager. Product Discovery R&D.

"I work in the interface between R&D and our customers. Knowledge is about leveraging what we know, being curious to learn what we don't know, and translating it all into business value. Our ability to share and leverage this knowledge often leaves our customers very impressed. I truly believe we can make a difference in the world being part of the broader DuPont. I am what's inside."