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28 Apr 2011 - 12:00

Danisco appoints Market Intelligence and IP Manager

Sven will be responsible for developing and coordinating Danisco Animal Nutrition’s intellectual property asset management competence as well as managing their market intelligence capabilities.

Reporting to Dr Rachel Crowe, Marketing Director, who commented, ”coming from a position of Product Manager, Scientific Support Specialist and European Licensing Specialist with Takara Bio Europe/Clontech Laboratories, Sven's scientific background, expertise and experience in intellectual property (IP) and licensing, combined with his market intelligence and analysis skills, will be a particular asset for Danisco Animal Nutrition.”

Sven explains, ”as a primary component of intangible assets, intellectual property represents an increasing source of value for businesses throughout the world and intellectual property has become an important strategic asset. It is a very positive signal that Danisco Animal Nutrition has recognised the importance of IP asset management and the benefits it can bring.”

More information

Rachel Crowe
Global Marketing Director
Danisco Animal Nutrition
Tel: +44 (0) 1672 517777
Email: rachel.crowe@danisco.com

Rachel Crowe
Rachel Crowe
Marketing Director, Danisco Animal Nutrition
+44 (0) 1672 51777
Marlborough, UK