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30 May 2011 - 10:00

Danisco beats the challenges of artisan ice cream

Danisco has developed an innovative opportunity for manufacturers of artisan ice cream to produce superior products without pasteurisation or homogenisation.

CREMODAN® 500 COLDLINE Emulsifier & Stabiliser System is specially designed to boost the quality of traditional, handmade ice cream, enjoyed by consumers around the world as a favourite treat.

Challenges overcome

The solution is the outcome of a targeted development project to overcome the quality and storage stability challenges that arise from the lack of heat treatment and homogenisation in artisan processes.

Made with cold-soluble, vegetable-derived components, CREMODAN® 500 COLDLINE releases its full functionality without any need of heat treatment. The result is highly stable ice cream with outstanding freshness and flavour release.

Meeting crucial needs

“Most emulsifiers and stabilisers used in ice cream production have little or no functionality without proper heat treatment,” says Finn Madsen, principal scientist at Danisco who has driven the unique development.

“Our intense research has enabled us to identify the right raw materials and processes for an ingredient system that matches the crucial needs of the artisan ice cream industry.”

Low cost in use

CREMODAN® 500 COLDLINE has ideal flexibility for small-scale and industrial artisan production, being suitable for addition to ice cream mix or ice cream powder. The low dosage required ensures manufacturers an excellent cost in use.

For more information, please contact:
Torben Vilsgaard, e-mail torben.vilsgaard@danisco.com or tel. +45 8943 5468

Torben Vilsgaard
Torben Vilsgaard
Application Specialist
+45 89435468
+45 51169145
Brabrand, Denmark