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11 Apr 2011 - 14:10

Danisco breaks through the wholemeal barrier

Wholemeal appeal

Despite their increasing health awareness, consumers on many markets still choose white wheat bread instead of wholemeal. Particularly children prefer the milder taste and softer texture of white bread, seeing wholemeal bread as dry, compact and uninteresting.

GRINDSTED® Fiberline 105 is the first solution on the market to bring both long-lasting softness and improved resilience to bread with a high content of natural wholegrain.

“Our bakery system gives wholemeal bread similar eating qualities to white bread plus the benefit of a high-fibre claim. In that way, it satisfies consumer taste preferences and some important nutritional needs,” says Jan Charles Hansen, senior bakery application specialist at Danisco.

Long-lasting softness

Results from sensory analyses show that a 100% wholemeal bread made with GRINDSTED® Fiberline 105 outperforms market standard wholemeal bread, with a far lower wholemeal content. Freshness, softness and elasticity are all improved, and shelf life is just as long as that of white bread. The system also reduces the need to add gluten to bread recipes.

“Our aim was to develop a new way for bakers to improve their healthy image, their sales and their profits. The GRINDSTED® Fiberline range is it,” Hansen adds.

A real prize-winner

Danisco has previously launched GRINDSTED® Fiberline for high-fibre rye bread and oat bread. In November 2010, the bakery system for rye bread won a Health Ingredients Excellence Award in the digestive health category.

More information

Jan Charles Hansen, Senior Application Specialist, e-mail: jan.charles.hansen@danisco.com

Visit www.danisco.com/fiberline

Jan Charles Hansen
Jan Charles Hansen
Senior Application Specialist
+45 8943 5505
Brabrand, Denmark