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21 Feb 2011 - 09:00

Danisco expertise backs probiotic documentary

Danisco contributes unique insights into the probiotic world in a new independent documentary that explains the story of probiotics, how they are produced and tested, and the latest research findings to consumers and health professionals.

The global leader in probiotics has both sponsored and participated in the film – Microwarriors – that includes clips from Danisco’s probiotic development and production facilities in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

Reaching influencers

Vice President of Health & Nutrition Marketing at Danisco, Scott Bush, is among the featured experts. He welcomes the documentary as an opportunity to reach out to health-care professionals in particular.

“As much as we need to provide consumers with the necessary information about the health benefits and safety of probiotics, it is important to get the influencers to buy into this, because they are the ones who talk to consumers.

One example is when a doctor prescribes antibiotic treatment which, as many people experience, can have unwanted digestive side-effects. A proper dose of the right probiotics, recommended by the physician, represents a safe and effective way to maintain proper gastrointestinal function,” Bush states.

HOWARU® website

Danisco is already active in efforts to communicate probiotic benefits to a wider public. As supplier of the market-leading HOWARU® Premium Probiotics range, Danisco provides targeted information for consumers and professionals on its dedicated HOWARU® website (www.howaru.com).

Help appreciated

Executive Producer at Health Point Productions, David Knight thanks Danisco for providing “tremendous support” in getting Microwarriors off the ground.

“Danisco is one of the companies responsible for making this whole documentary happen,” he says, adding: “It’s education. We wanted to create a story to show the science and that there are real benefits.”

Released this month, Microwarriors is the first in a trilogy of documentaries on probiotics planned by Health Point Productions. To view the trailer and more information, visit www.microwarriorsmovie.com

Editorial enquiries

Sarah-Jane Jumppanen, Communications Director,
email: sarah.jane.jumppanen@danisco.com

Sarah Jane Jumppanen
Sarah Jane Jumppanen
Communications Director
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