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14 Jan 2011 - 10:00

Danisco introduces new more forgiving YO-MIX™ yogurt cultures

Following tremendous success in China, the Middle East and North Africa, the time has come for the expansion of this concept globally.

Danisco has developed YO-MIX™ yogurt cultures with the ability to meet the need for a culture that produces mild acidification during storage.

This has been seen as a major issue all over the world for yogurt producers, as the yogurt will have a different sensory profile at the beginning and end of the shelf life.

Global yogurt market, the driver of innovation

This becomes a major problem in Asia, North Africa, the Middle East and South America where cold storage and cold chains are less controlled and very often broken. Yogurts could also be distributed at room temperature, however, further post-acidification occurs in this case.

Even in these less than optimum conditions for yogurt production, consumers still demand the same mild yogurt at both the beginning and end of the shelf life.

Via a combination of careful strain selection and process know-how Danisco’s YO-MIX™ yogurt cultures can produce yogurt with low post-acidification in different processing and storage conditions.

“YO-MIX™ can now produce yogurt with a very pleasing flavour, a high level of viscosity and short texture, with limited post acidification under a wide range of temperature conditions, which has definitely contributed to its customer success since launch,” says Sonia Huppert, YO-MIX™ Global Business Director.

She continued, “the plans for expansion into different countries are progressing very well and we are very pleased with this brilliant example of sharing knowledge between regions, demonstrating Danisco is leveraging its truly global presence as an ingredient solutions provider.

Market success

Despite being first introduced only several months ago these products have already brought in substantial business.

The culture was originally developed for use in China, where Danisco holds a very dominant leadership position with YO-MIX™ yogurt cultures. Since then it has been introduced and found similar success in other important markets.

For more information

Richard Donovan, Communications Manager, richard.donovan@danisco.com, tel. +33 1 5660 4700

Sonia Huppert, YO-MIX™ Global Business Director, sonia.huppert@danisco.com, tel. +33 1 5660 4700

Richard Donovan
Richard Donovan
Communications Manager
+33 (0) 6 71 58 98 54
Paris, France