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07 Jul 2011 - 10:15

Danisco launches effective osmotic laxative with better tolerability

Constipation has been an issue amongst individuals in many parts of the human population for centuries. Constipation can affect anyone from babies to pregnant women and the elderly.
And relief has so far been primarily through consumption of traditional laxatives which may be unpalatable or bring unwanted side effects.

Danisco is proud to launch OsmoAid™ - its own brand of Lactitol for digestive health. Lactitol is a disaccharide sugar alcohol which has been used for more than 20 years for its ability to promote gut mobility in constipated individuals. This sweet-tasting, odourless crystalline powder is also widely recognised as a food ingredient for use in foodstuffs and dietary supplements, and has been approved by the FAO** and WHO*.

An effective osmotic alternative

Unlike conventional laxatives, which can be harsh, OsmoAid™ works gently by:

  • Lowering colonic pH and stimulating peristalsis (the rippling and wave-lie motion that contract and relax the bowel muscles) and
  • Increasing the osmotic pressure in the intestinal lumen, resulting in an increase in faecal volume.1

Numerous studies conducted on constipated adults have demonstrated that OsmoAid™ is highly effective as it significantly increases stool frequency2, is well tolerated with no unnecessary adverse effects and is considered a pleasant treatment.3,4

Similarly, studies conducted on constipated children between 8 months to 16 years of age confirmed OsmoAid™ as a relieving agent with a proven therapeutic efficacy and better tolerability. In particular, it was observed that these children do not encounter abdominal pain and increased flatus.5,6

Proven efficacy, reduced side effects

Many adults suffer from idiopathic constipation and will go to different lengths to relieve the symptoms, even if it is with the use of harsh laxatives. Such individuals may also invoke a cycle of laxative abuse.

A six week study has shown that the constipated subjects experienced an increase in bowel movements and preferred the use of OsmoAid™ over other harsh cathartics.3 Overall, OsmoAid™ was reported to be well tolerated versus other osmotic laxatives with minimal side effects such as flatulence, rumblings, wind, abdominal cramps or nausea.

Depending on individual needs and age, OsmoAid™ is best taken orally between 150mg-40g/day and can be ingested by all age groups without any health concerns.

The better choice

Regardless of age group, it is clear that OsmoAid™ is far superior and highly preferred than other osmotic laxative or harsh traditional treatments when it comes to management of constipation.

Digestive health is one of the six strategic platforms that Danisco places focus on. Already an acknowledged pioneer within the probiotic and fibre fields, Danisco continues to lead the way in developing innovative solutions that further enhance consumers’ digestive health and well-being.


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*  WHO – World Health Organisation
** FAO  – Food and Agriculture Organisation

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Sarah Jane Jumppanen
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James Dedman
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