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18 Mar 2011 - 10:00

Danisco leads the way to a healthier future

Danisco will share insights into the market for ingredients that support digestive and immune health during the first virtual conference on the future of pre- and probiotics on 29 March.

Hosted by Decision News Media in association with NutraIngredients.com, the conference is aimed at developing an understanding of pre- and probiotic science today, future directions and how the science contributes to food claims and market building.

Leading line-up

Michael Bond, Global Business Director for Danisco’s Functional Fibres portfolio, and Peggy Steele, Global Business Director for Probiotics, will join a line-up of leading voices at the online event.

At 3pm CEST, in a one-hour presentation, the Danisco team will review a series of market solutions. These will include two key focus areas within Danisco’s Health & Nutrition portfolio: HOWARU® Premium Probiotics, clinically documented to have a role in supporting digestive and immune health, and the prebiotic fibre Litesse® polydextrose, which contributes to digestive health and weight management.

Benefits consumers can feel

“Extensive documentation confirms the ability of these ingredients to provide real health benefits for consumers. We are continuing to invest in research to solidify the current benefits and develop an understanding of the mechanisms,” states Peggy Steele, who has worked within food science and nutrition for the past 20 years.

With a background in microbiology, Michael Bond combines his scientific understanding with a broad perspective on consumer health trends.

“Consumers are increasingly conscious of the role that diet plays in their health and well-being. This conference is an opportunity for us to help bring the food industry up-to-date with the latest opportunities to develop high-quality food products that target specific health needs,” he says.

Chat with the experts

During the free, half-day conference, a panel of Danisco experts will be available in the “Chat with the experts” lounge. They will answer participants’ questions about formulation possibilities, scientific substantiation and regulatory. Participants will also be able to review product brochures, technical papers and cases studies in the resource centre.

The event takes place on 29 March at 2-6pm CEST. To register, visit www.preandprobiotics.com.

For more information, contact:
Audrey Bernard,
Communications Specialist,
Danisco BioActives
Email: audrey.bernard@danisco.com