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13 Sep 2011 - 10:00

Danisco Introduces Online Guide to Healthier Foods

Danisco has developed a powerful online tool that gives food manufacturers rapid access to a healthier profile for their products.

The new website encompasses the company’s entire range of active and enabling ingredients for nutritious and enjoyable foods and beverages. From this one-stop information point, manufacturers can easily navigate to proven, application-specific solutions and opportunities for health claims.

A key priority for Danisco is to help the food industry make healthy living an easy choice for consumers,  whether they are looking to consume foods that contain an active ingredient with a documented health benefit or that simply raise the nutritional quality of their diet.

This priority is reflected in the website structure. Here manufacturers will find a dedicated health area, covering proven active ingredients for bone, cardiovascular, digestive, immune and oral health, along with sports performance and weight management. The better nutrition section is a guide to making use of nutrition claims with no compromise on taste or texture.

A comprehensive overview of solutions for dietary supplements highlights the possibilities within this growing market.

Solutions to Topical Issues

“We provide solutions for functional foods and dietary supplements with a range of scientifically substantiated, health-promoting ingredients, as well as addressing the demand to improve the nutritional profile of food and beverages, for example, by increasing fibre content or reducing fat, sugar and sodium,” comments Patrick Veau, Health & Nutrition platform, Danisco BioActives.

One-Stop Information Source

Danisco shares regulatory information and the findings of clinical studies in the website’s product range section, which provides a complete overview of health and nutrition ingredients. Using the solution finder, manufacturers can quickly locate solutions for specific applications.

“The website clearly outlines our value proposition for active health and better nutrition, including documented ingredients, application support, and regulatory and scientific expertise,” adds Veau.

Visit the Danisco health and nutrition website at www.danisco.com/health.

More information

Sarah-Jane Jumppanen, Communications Director, Danisco BioActives
Email: sarah.jane.jumppanen@danisco.com

Sarah Jane Jumppanen
Sarah Jane Jumppanen
Communications Director
+44 1737 227720
Reigate, United Kingdom