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01 Aug 2013 - 11:29

Soy Nugget Ingredient Delivers Protein, Fiber and Crunch

St. Louis, MO, August 1, 2013 - Results of a 2013 IFIC (International Food Information Council) Food and Health Survey show that 68 percent of consumers consider fiber content when purchasing foods and beverages, while 63 percent consider protein. Now makers of nutrition bars have an easier, more effective solution for creating new products that give consumers the high levels of both protein and fiber they want – as well as the crunchy texture they enjoy.

DuPont Nutrition & Health has developed SUPRO® Nugget 138 to provide high-quality protein and both soluble and insoluble fiber in a crunchy, textured format.  In addition to giving product developers increased flexibility in formulation, SUPRO® Nugget 138 has been shown to remain crisp over time in application while delivering the taste and eating quality consumers demand.

SUPRO® Nugget 138 is particularly well-suited for those nutrition bars intended as breakfast alternatives or for meal replacement, as pairing protein and fiber helps to deliver increased satiety, a key to effective weight management. The product could offer similar benefits in other healthy snacks, clusters, trail mix, granola-type cereal, and baking applications. It is also appropriate for use in bars designed to offer moderate protein levels (<12g), and can be combined with other protein and fiber ingredients to reach targeted levels.

“Consumer demand for convenient, portable and healthy snacks is driving growth in the nutrition bar market,” said Kip Underwood, specialty business director, Protein Solutions, DuPont Nutrition & Health. “But whether consumers are focused on general health, weight management or meal replacement, the widespread appeal of protein and fiber, and their ability to deliver a feeling of satiety, can be critical to the success of a snack product. SUPRO® Nugget 138 makes it easier to provide a healthy and satisfying combination of protein and fiber along with an appealing crunch.”


Soy, the source for protein and fiber in SUPRO® Nugget 138, is a high-quality, plant-based protein that offers significant economic and sustainability advantages when compared to dairy protein.

DuPont™ Danisco® is the brand for a range of products that help provide enhanced bioprotection, an improved nutritional profile, and better taste and texture with greater cost efficiency and lower environmental impact, meeting the needs of manufacturers of food and beverages, dietary supplements and pet food.  Through the work of the global network of food scientists and technologists in DuPont, the Danisco® range is supported by a uniquely broad spectrum of know-how across applications and processing.

DuPont Nutrition & Health addresses the world’s challenges in food by offering a wide range of sustainable, bio-based ingredients and advanced microbial diagnostic solutions to provide safer, healthier and more nutritious food.  Through close collaboration with customers, DuPont combines knowledge and experience with a passion for innovation to deliver unparalleled customer value to the marketplace.

DuPont (NYSE: DD) has been bringing world-class science and engineering to the global marketplace in the form of innovative products, materials, and services since 1802.  The company believes that by collaborating with customers, governments, NGOs, and thought leaders we can help find solutions to such global challenges as providing enough healthy food for people everywhere, decreasing dependence on fossil fuels, and protecting life and the environment.  For additional information about DuPont and its commitment to inclusive innovation, please visit www.dupont.com.

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