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Finished formats for probiotics

Below is an overview of the formats we supply:

Our vegetable-based, gelatin-free capsules provide optimum stability and are the preferred format for 80% of probiotic supplements globally. We can provide probiotic capsules in bulk, bottles and the highest quality blister packs.

Flavored chewable probiotic tablets are a fun choice for kids and ideal for those who have difficulty swallowing pills. We also offer multivitamin-probiotic combination tablets that roll all daily dietary supplement needs into one.

Tear open a sachet and sprinkle a daily probiotic dose on a food or into your favorite cold beverage. Our convenient, high barrier foil sachets contain probiotics with or without flavor additives.

The handy foil stick is growing in popularity for both sprinkle and direct ingestion applications. Let Danisco supply you with this convenient probiotic vehicle with an optimized and tasty formulation inside.