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R&D expertise

Ongoing research and development is the lifeblood of our work. DuPont operates multiple research and application laboratories around the globe. And we are the only culture supplier with a dedicated Health and Nutrition Center. This dedication to science has also made us what we are today  the world’s leading supplier of probiotics.

The Probiotic R&D program is based on four technology pillars:

  • Stability  ensuring probiotic viability throughout the shelf life of supplements and nutritionals
  • Efficacy  developing condition-specific documentation and formulations over an expanding range of conditions
  • Application  expanding the range of delivery vehicles for probiotic-supplemented products
  • Genetic integrity — leading genomics science to certify strain identity

In addition to the work conducted at our Health & Nutrition Center and multiple global R&D sites, we support our development efforts by frequent collaborations with external research institutes and universities.

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