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Fresh Thinking. It’s What’s Inside.

Take a look inside DuPont Nutrition & Health for your bread, cake and pastry needs. Here you’ll discover dedicated experts in food and bakery science, manufacturing and marketing to help you improve quality, maintain freshness, and develop new healthier options for consumers.

Continuous Innovation

Whether your challenge is identifying the next innovation, improving current product performance, or uncovering cost savings to improve margins, we bring ideas and solutions that help grow your brands, manage costs, and deliver excellent appeal.

Technical Solutions

Our broad and versatile range of enzymes, emulsifiers, and hydrocolloids provide the flexibility to improve freshness, softening, volume, taste and texture while optimizing process efficiency.

You can also improve nutritional profiles to support digestive health and weight management with our functional dietary fibers, soy and pea soy proteins, prebiotics, and probiotics.

Protective Solutions

The range of naturally sourced fermentates, antimicrobials and antioxidants focus on maintaining and extending shelf life by preventing mold spoilage and controlling oxidation.

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