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Egg replacement in bakery applications

The current outbreak of avian influenza in the U.S. is having a harsh impact on food manufacturers who use eggs in their products. Volatility in the price of eggs as well reduced availability for whole eggs and egg whites have caused margins to be squeezed for many food companies that depend on the functionality that eggs provide in many bakery products.

Beyond the current environmental situation, routine use of eggs, especially liquid eggs, in bakery applications requires special food handling and storage considerations that can add cost and complexity. Add to that a growing concern by consumers around food safety in general.

To meet the needs of the bakery industry, DuPont™ Danisco® has introduced SUPRO® Systems 1100, an economic and functional alternative to egg products for multiple bakery applications to include cakes, pancakes, waffles and cookies.

Contact your DuPont Nutrition & Health representative for application support and download our SUPRO® SYSTEMS 1100 Egg Replacement handout and find out more.