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Sweet bakes stay great with less sugar

Is it possible to cut the sugar in a favorite cake or cookie without cutting down on indulgence? Our test concepts produce promising results.

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In love with sweet bakes

Sweet baked goods are as popular as ever in key growth markets. But what do consumers choose and when – and are habits changing?

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Bakery fillings shaped to local tastes

Consumer preferences will make or break a new bakery product. We explore which bakery fillings are likely to work best in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and South Africa.

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A simpler route to the finest soft croissants

Producing a premium croissant with a four-week shelf life is a demanding task. We tested whether an ingredient blend could make it easier for medium-sized bakeries in the Middle East.

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Fast food burgers are up and coming in Africa

By Alister Sutton, principal application specialist, and Helmut Burger, senior sales manager, DuPont Nutrition & Health, South Africa.

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Pakistan adds more life to affordable flatbreads

Improved shelf life quality is the way ahead for the country’s growing flatbread industry.

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Videos: Great cakes with easy cake gels

Bakery application specialist Casper Høy Simonsen demonstrates how to make a cake gel – and explains why cake gels are ideal for producing moist, high-volume cakes.

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Baguette size is crucial to the crust

It also makes baguettes that are soft and light inside. So how can you adjust the volume without being a functional ingredient expert?

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Healthy baking with the right fibers

Our bakery experts test soluble and insoluble fibers in toast bread and Asian sponge cake.

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Are you profiting from cake gels yet?

If the answer is no and you’d like to learn more about opportunities with cake gels, you’re welcome to download our cake gel technical memo. You’ll find the latest knowledge and trial results from our bakery specialists.

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New influences on the staple bread diet

Artisanal bread still rules in the Middle East and Africa, but industrial products are developing fast.

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Everyday flatbreads made to last longer

One day of freshness is all you get with a traditional flatbread. We put a new fresh-keeping solution to the test.

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Same good buns at every burger bar

Variations in flour quality are no obstacle when producing consistent burger buns for international fast food chains.

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