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Sprouted grains bring in the good carbs

Consumers trust ancient alternatives to refined wheat flour in bread.

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Where the bakery opportunities lie

Bread is a traditional staple in the UK and Germany, but bakery profits are under pressure. We explore the pockets of potential growth.

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Ancient brewing inspires a modern breakfast snack

Old and new ingredients build a biscuit that gets the day off to a healthy start.

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Almost anything goes in a healthy tortilla

We put some nutritious ingredients to the test in a basic tortilla recipe.

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The balance that makes the difference

What do we mean when we talk about balancing the carbs in healthy bread? We take a look at the benefits.

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The art of artisan seduction

If you don’t want your bread products to compete on price alone, you’ve got to focus on quality – and tempt consumers with a good taste, health benefits and an artisanal look.

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Baking to give that fuller for longer feeling

Satiety is the new word in lifestyle weight management. We’ve been exploring the consumer trends behind some of today’s bakery opportunities.

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The science of slowing down hunger

A growing number of studies show consumers stay fuller for longer and eat less after a fiber and protein-enriched snack.

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Videos: Nutrition bars meet the bakery

Jan Charles Hansen and Joern Gravgaard explain why baked nutrition bars are a good opportunity, how to make them and what to add to get healthier products with a great taste and texture.

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Raising the bar on baked nutrition

The popular nutrition bar is now a good business proposition for industrial bakers.

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Think you’re high on satiety - what can you claim?

On-pack health and nutrition claims are strictly controlled in the EU. Here’s what’s possible.

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Wholemeal bread gets a kick out of protein

Wholemeal and protein are a difficult combination in industrial bread.  An unexpected solution can make it work for the weight management market.

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Sweet things are not so naughty

Biscuits and muffins may lead to fewer daily calories if they are a source of protein and fiber. We look at the recipe issues and how to overcome them.

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High-fibre bread hits the mainstream

A nutritious slice can be light, soft – and e-number free.

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Fibre gap has untapped potential

Consumers know fibre is good, but not always how to get more of it in their diet. We share consumer research on fibre perception.

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Hiding the fibre in white bread

If consumers are reluctant to change their habits, you have to work with the habits they’ve got.

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Hot on the trail of perfect gluten-free bread

Replacing gluten is easier said than done, but progress is being made.

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Acerola head-to-head with ascorbic acid

Does a super fruit have the muscle to strengthen bread dough? We take a look.

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Video: The label-friendly secret of wholemeal appeal

Jan Charles Hansen describes how a new enzyme complex makes softer, bigger wholemeal bread with a cleaner label.

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Make healthy bread outstanding

Whole grain alternatives to wheat open doors to high-fibre bread that consumers will notice.

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Get to know your wholemeal flour

Gluten quality makes all the difference for good and healthy bread time after time.

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