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Fruit fillings make a move in fresher cakes

A little water migration is just enough to keep dryness at bay.

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Bring on the egg alternatives for cakes

Shell-shocked by the rising price of eggs? We try out partial replacement with vegetable protein.

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Fitter fats whip up a cake margarine

Saturated fats solved the trans fat issue. Now consumers want to get rid of the sats. Here’s what you should be talking to your margarine supplier about.

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Long live the icing in the cake

Extend the shelf life of your cake, and you need a filling with a shelf life to match. Here’s how to hurdle the challenges and enjoy the opportunities.

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Making lighter work of sponge cake

Not just any emulsifier will perform in a low-fat cake recipe. We explore how to achieve the best functionality with minimum effort.

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Indulgent cakes in healthier portions

Technically there’s nothing to stop us making cakes healthier. The nagging question is: will consumers buy them?

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What do consumers say about cakes?

DuPont Nutrition & Health asked Lindberg International to survey consumer cake preferences in five European countries.

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Video: Cake margarine cuts the saturates

See how we can make your cake healthier and better in this video from our lab in Brabrand.

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Egg prices on the up and down

Prices have fallen back, but egg reduction in cakes may still be a cost-saving option.

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Liquid margarine – the new carrier for enzymes?

With prolonged enzyme activity, a new era of cake automation may have dawned.

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Beating the snag with reduced chocolate fillings

A high pH is a processing hurdle. We test a solution based on synergistic stabilisers.

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An affordable price tag for quality fillings

Quality demands for filled cakes may be on the way up in Eastern Europe – but not at any price.

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