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Keeping the topping on the top

Lab trials develop a new approach to giving industrial pizza an artisanal feel.

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Video: Improve industrial pizza quality

Peter Thomson and Agnès Guémené Jørgensen demonstrate several methods of how to improve your industrial pizza quality.

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The peril of the shrinking pizza

When a 12-inch pizza turns out to be a 10-inch, your reputation is at risk. We take the pizza shrinkage issue into the lab.

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Meat-free pizza toppings

Soy has long been part of a vegetarian diet. Now soy-based technology is targeting consumers who enjoy the meat, but want to eat less of it.

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No compromise in cheesy indulgence

Does your pizza cheese always make the grade? We apply the latest knowhow for quality improvement.

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Pepperoni rules even with less fat

Our nutritional makeover keeps the ‘mmm’ in a favourite pizza topping.

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