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Nutrition Bars, Snacks and Breakfast Cereals

Whether your goals are creating a highly differentiated health and wellness snack, improving the sensory performance of an existing product or reformulating for cost or margin improvement, we have solutions and expertise that can help.

Our unique and diverse ingredient portfolio deliver health and sustainability benefits, helps optimize sensory and quality performance and provides cost-savings potential. We back those solutions with expertise in bar formulation and processing, robust clinical science, consumer insights and sensory know-how, to help you succeed in the marketplace.

Consumer-Focused Solutions

Our health and wellness ingredient solutions are well aligned with capturing opportunities centered on these market trends: 

  • Growing demand for healthy, portable snacks and breakfast foods
  • Growing demand for high protein snacks and cereals
  • Consumer interest in sustainable, plant-based foods
  • Growing demand for clean label solutions
  • Consumer demand for new snack formats and experiences

Nutrition & Health Benefits

DuPont Nutrition & Health offers science-based health and wellness solutions focused on delivering nutrition and health benefits relevant to:

  • Satiety & weight management
  • Sports and physical performance
  • Muscle health
  • Active & healthy aging
  • Immune health
  • Digestive health

Broad Portfolio

Whether you are producing nutrition bars, healthy snacks, or breakfast cereal, our range of ingredients can help propel your business forward.

Our plant-based protein solutions, available in textured crisps and powder formats, provide protein fortification, excellent taste and texture and proven health benefits in a wide variety of nutrition bar, snack and breakfast cereal applications.

With our leading range of clinically documented probiotic strains and world-class food and beverage application development, DuPont can provide successful consumer-driven food and beverage products with added health benefits. 

Protective Solutions

The range of naturally sourced fermentates and antioxidants focus on maintaining and extending shelf life by preventing mold spoilage and oxidation.

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