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The rise of Greek style yogurt

What is the difference between Greek style yogurt and regular yogurt?

Greek style yogurt is thicker than a regular yogurt. It typically provides a higher protein content when compared to a regular yogurt, and it can be made in full fat, low fat or fat free varieties.

Why is Greek style yogurt so popular?

Double the protein, coupled with a lower fat content than a standard yogurt has made Greek style yogurts a snack favorite in the US.

Greek style yogurt satisfies the consumer driven need for a filling, convenient, high protein, healthy and all natural snack; the key factors behind the success of Greek style yogurt.

Wealthy and educated consumers are switching to Greek style yogurt for health qualities and because it is more filling.  It’s convincing consumers that yogurt can be a healthy and convenient meal option.
Source: UBS report, March 2011

How can DuPont Nutrition & Health assist you?

DuPont Nutrition & Health helps manufacturers create products aligned with consumer demands.

We have the skills, expertise and ingredients to deliver you the right Greek style yogurt solution, whatever your process.

The uniquely positioned DuPont™ Danisco® ingredient portfolio for Greek style yogurt offers a wide variety of solutions, including YO-MIX® Greek.

For a more detailed overview please see our press release.

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