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Penn State Cultured Products Short Course

Every third week in September for the past 16 years DuPont and Penn State have been collaborating to offer our colleagues in the dairy industry practical training in the cultured products field in a short course called the “Penn State Cultured Products Short Course”. This fall is the 17th consecutive offering of this highly recognized and well respected dairy industry specific short course.

This course provides participants with an overview of basic dairy technology including milk composition, microbiology, protein chemistry, and the sensory evaluation of cultured dairy products. It also covers the manufacture of the following cultured dairy products; buttermilk, sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt, Greek yogurt, yogurt drinks and cream cheese. Other lectures from industry speakers address probiotics, novel dairy products, metabolic and technological aspects of starter cultures, and flavoring systems for cultured dairy products. The course emphasizes interactive learning through the integration of classroom discussions, demonstrations, and hands-on laboratories.

So if your company is involved in making these products from the farmstead to an industrial scale, or if you just have an interest in learning more about these products, this course covers it all! This course is an excellent training tool for all involved in the cultured products industry from plant supervisors, QC mangers, plant managers, sales personnel, and your local entrepreneur. Be sure and sign up soon. The course this year is offered from September 20-22nd in the Erickson Food Science Building on the campus of The Pennsylvania State University located in State College, Pa. Class size is limited to the first 50 registrants. Click here for registration and more information. You can contact the course director, Kerry Kaylegian at kek14@psu.edu with any questions. Penn State, me and my colleagues look forward to seeing you there!