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New YO-MIX® T Yogurt cultures for thick, textured yogurt

What makes the YO-MIX® T Yogurt cultures series different from other YO-MIX® Yogurt cultures?

The series marks a new step in the world of high texture yogurt cultures. All of the different cultures launched in the series will offer high textures, with specific texture qualities.

What makes the YO-MIX® T Yogurt cultures series special?

It’s based on a formulation of high shear resistance cultures (Streptococcus thermophilus), giving the yogurt its high and incomparable texture. The Streptococcus thermophilus strains contained in the cultures are the subject of Intellectual Property rights owned by DuPont.

How does the YO-MIX® T Yogurt cultures series work?

It can be seamlessly introduced into your production process, plus there are opportunities for cost optimization through working with our DuPont Application experts.

Can the YO-MIX® T Yogurt cultures series provide a variety of textures and thicknesses?

Yes, and this is the key advantage of the series - providing high thickness with a variety of texture and thickness types. This unique property means it can be tailored to fit your product requirements.

Is the YO-MIX® T Yogurt cultures series available to try now?

Yes, the series is available in both frozen (FRO) and freeze-dried (LYO) formats, and they are available for trial now! Contact your local team to find out more.