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Meat, poultry & seafood

Look inside DuPont Nutrition & Health for fresh ideas that exceed consumer expectations while meeting government regulations. That’s the kind of thinking and expertise we provide to help you launch the best tasting meats in the cold case. 

Continuous Innovation

Our broad product portfolio, deep application knowledge and razor-sharp analyses combine with a global network of research centers and pilot plants to help you develop products faster while keeping costs in check.

Functional solutions

Our soy proteins, carrageenans and tailored blends excel at stabilizing fat and water, allowing you to optimize cost, processes and raw materials while maintaining quality, texture, nutrition and sensory experience.

Protective solutions

Protective ingredients including fermentates, antimicrobials and flavor extracts and antioxidants will maintain freshness, extend shelf life, and protect against Listeria. Protective cultures will inhibit yeast, mold and Listeria in fermented meat products.

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